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The endless circle
of creation
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A timeless aesthetic

You are just one step away from countless possibilities: our grids systems will make your infinity pool as marvellous as ever. The endless circle of creation hidden behind the geometric precision of shapes enclosing an adaptive formula of timeless aesthetics, in a balanced combination of design and functionality.

A unique product, which is the result of Italy’s best engineering systems and technology

Made in italy

Our spirit of innovation, passion for artisanship, and intelligence have allowed us to create a high-quality Italian product, which is highly innovative compared to what is available on the global market.

MODULARTEM grids are revolutionising infinity pools’ design. Covered with porcelain stoneware, teak, or marble, they perfectly match walkways, floorings, and shower trays, which we provide in the same material and finish. Beauty lies in the details. We all know that.


MODULARTEM grids, floorings, walkways, and shower trays are available in various natural and elegant materials. Porcelain stoneware, Teak, and Marble in different colours, compositions, and sizes will allow you to personalise the aesthetics of your swimming pool, making its special design unique and perfectly harmonious with all its components.

New Black Grid

The Modulartem Grids with black plastic support are the only ones that manage to hide, in an environment without lighting such as the raceway, the plastic crossbars between one strip and the other; this greatly increases the aesthetic beauty of our grids.

New Black Grid

Renovating has never been so easy

Today, you can change the appearance of inground pools without the expertise of an architect just by replacing your plastic grids with Modulartem ones, which are made from natural materials.

MODULARTEM products are available in different thicknesses and sizes to quickly renovate pool borders of SPAs, private swimming pools, wellness centres, locker rooms, and indoor or outdoor pools, without involving the architectural structure, just by replacing the coverings of the gutter.

Lapisque 30 x 30 cm with 6 elements of dove gray color
Ellipsis 30 x 30 cm with 6 elements in black

The beauty of simplicity.

Simplicity is the key to beauty.

MODULARTEM grids are lightweight, practical, and easy to handle: they provide added value for any quality pool. These grids can be adjusted perpendicularly or parallel to the water and are easy to lift. That’s why cleaning the conduit and servicing the pool has never been so effortless.


MODULARTEM is looking for partners for foreign markets, contact us at the e-mailinfo@modulartem.com


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No professional can work without our 2017/18 catalogue, which contains the technical information required for choosing the perfect grids and making your swimming pool unique.

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