MODULARTEM grids, floorings, walkways, and shower trays are available in various natural and elegant materials. Porcelain stoneware, Teak, and Marble in different colours, compositions, and sizes will allow you to personalise the aesthetics of your swimming pool, making its special design unique and perfectly harmonious with all its components.

The world of Custom made

If you are building or renovating your infinity pool, Modulartem can create customized grids for you with your favourite material, you don’t have to adapt to what is available from the catalogue.
Modulartem is the only company able to satisfy you in this service.

Whatever material you choose as a tile material for the grids of your infinity pool, once you tell us your preferred grid size, we will take care of everything, creating for you your special customized grids.
We are the only ones able to guarantee the bonding for 36 months.

How to do it is simple: contact us and you will immediately receive support from one of our specialized technicians, who will guide you step by step until you get the personalized grid that no one has never offered to you before.

Only with us you are able to obtain a unique, exclusive and color-coordinated outdoor with your swimming pool exactly the way you want. Find out how you can also customize our innovative shower trays, by using the same grids as your pool. Only with Modulartem you can!

Custom Made - 1
Custom Made - 1
Custom Made - 2
Technical specifications

Modulartem grids stand out for their original design and production technology. That's why we have a pending international patent, have applied for community design protection, and registered the Modulartem trademark.
In compliance with the UN EN 13451 standard.

Products available in custom made

Besides providing swimming pool grids and floorings, Modulartem can also manufacture tailor-made pieces to match your swimming pool’s furnishings, thereby ensuring an aesthetically unique and visually striking setting.

Shower plate




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No professional can work without our 2017/18 catalogue, which contains the technical information required for choosing the perfect grids and making your swimming pool unique.

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