MODULARTEM grids, floorings, walkways, and shower trays are available in various natural and elegant materials. Porcelain stoneware, Teak, and Marble in different colours, compositions, and sizes will allow you to personalise the aesthetics of your swimming pool, making its special design unique and perfectly harmonious with all its components.

The world of Gres

This fully vitrified porcelain stoneware hints at natural stone, blending in with nature. The raw materials we select and our state-of-the-art production process allow us to manufacture swimming pool grids covered with porcelain stoneware and featuring various colours with 3D effects. One element is never identical to another, just like in nature.

Porcelain stoneware is a versatile and environmentally-friendly material that is perfect for contemporary architectural projects for both public and private swimming pools.

The porcelain stoneware used for Modulartem grids is resistant to wear, abrasion, chemicals, and extreme temperature changes. Therefore, it is perfect for both outdoor and indoor swimming pools.

The porcelain stoneware used for the Modulartem collection is 100% made in Italy.

Available in 5 colours.

Gres - Black
Gres - Black
Gres - Grey
Gres - White
Gres - Taupe
Gres - Brown
Technical specifications

Modulartem grids stand out for their original design and production technology. That's why we have a pending international patent, have applied for community design protection, and registered the Modulartem trademark.
In compliance with the UN EN 13451 standard.

Product classification (UNI EN 14411- G ISO 13006)
Group B1a fully vitrified
Dimensional and surface quality (UNI EN ISO 10545-2)
Very low tolerance
Water absorption (UNI EN ISO 10545-3)
< 0,1%
Flexural strenght (UNI EN ISO 10545-4)
> 45 N/mm2
Frost resistance (qualsiasi norma)
Resistance to acids and alkalis (with the exception of hydrofluoric acid) (UNI EN ISO 10545-13)
No damage
Wear and abrasion resistance (UNI EN ISO 10545-6)
≤150 mm3
Linear thermal expansion (UNI EN ISO 10545-8)
6 x 10-6
Stain resistance (UNI EN ISO 10545-14)
Slip resistance (DIN 51130)
R11 (Naturale Matt Naturelle Matt) R10 (Soft)
Slip resistance (D.M. N° 236 del 14.06.89)
Value μ > 0,40
Colour resistance to sunlight exposure (DIN 51094)
No change of colours

Products available in gres

Besides providing swimming pool grids and floorings, Modulartem can also manufacture tailor-made pieces to match your swimming pool’s furnishings, thereby ensuring an aesthetically unique and visually striking setting.

Shower plate




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