MODULARTEM grids, floorings, walkways, and shower trays are available in various natural and elegant materials. Porcelain stoneware, Teak, and Marble in different colours, compositions, and sizes will allow you to personalise the aesthetics of your swimming pool, making its special design unique and perfectly harmonious with all its components.

The world of Marble

Marble is a type of metamorphic rock that generates from limestone and dolomite under specific heat and pressure conditions. It is a unique natural stone. Its multiform and multi-coloured streaks, which form based on the different materials contained in the rock, make every slab of marble exclusive. It features excellent resistance against weather agents and is one of the finest and most ancient and beautiful natural stones.

Modulartem marble is selected based on its structure. The higher density ensures greater resistance to weather agents, chemicals, and extreme temperature changes.

The marble used to make our grids is satin-finished to make it anti-slip and suitable for the pool. It is also treated to make it stain-resistant.

The marble grid is durable and never changes over time. Its variegated granular texture ensures exclusive results every time.

The marble used for the Modulartem collection is 100% made in Italy.

Available in 5 colours.

Marble - White
Marble - White
Marble - Warm grey
Marble - Cold grey
Marble - Black
Marble - Sand
Technical specifications

Modulartem grids stand out for their original design and production technology. That's why we have a pending international patent, have applied for community design protection, and registered the Modulartem trademark.
In compliance with the UN EN 13451 standard.

Waiting for certifications.

Products available in marble

Besides providing swimming pool grids and floorings, Modulartem can also manufacture tailor-made pieces to match your swimming pool’s furnishings, thereby ensuring an aesthetically unique and visually striking setting.

Shower plate




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